A vidding place for SNAPE, Titanic, LOTR and other movies I like. Hope you have a great time here.

Here I added links to other HPs that I really like. Where I go nearly every day.
I'll be adding more from Time to time!

Harry Potter HPs

So first, for all Harry Potter fans, the no. 1 Source. There is no better one around:
Harry Potter book 7, film 5 news, images, interviews, merchandise and more

Kate Winslet HPs

The best around...(In my opinion) is Discover Kate Winslet. Very up to date and if you want pics in high resulution, then you're right:

Here another very good Kate Winslet Page:

Alan Rickman HPs

My favorite one from Alan Rickman is a german HP. There are many talented people, who share their creative stuff with other fans.
Dreams and Potions: